Of Sugary Treats And Delights

Joining the ranks of the many bakers of Mumbai city is SugarOverDose. After all the patisseries with fancy names, complicated recipes and bountiful boutiques, SugarOverDose plans to remind us what cakes, cupcakes and other forms of those sinful delectable goodies are meant for.
To make us believe in the basic mantra that cakes and cupcakes do not need an occasion to be celebrated, SugarOverDose was launched. Their main motto is to sail through life while being overdosed on sugar! Remember all the fun Ross had while he was doing just that? Well, now you get to hop onto the bandwagon too!
Their products include a range of goodies that had us salivating right on our swivelling office chairs. Cakes, cupcakes, macarons, tarts, cake pops, baked cheesecakes, brownies, chocolate coated brownies, cookies and phew! With SugarOverDose you can also rest assured that they only use wholesome and homemade products. They say no to anything mediocre and use all butter, full cream, cake flour and whole eggs in their products. They also promise to personalize if the flavour you are craving for is absent from the menu. They have also had certain eggless baking, cupcakes making and cake arts and crafts learning workshops in the past at Khar, where they are based out of. Also, they will only deliver your cake to the venue if it is a customized order and weighs more than 10kg.
To get in touch with them, you can call Amal Farooque at 9821561159 or email her at amalfarooque@yahoo.com. In the meanwhile, you can drool over the goodies that SugarOverDose has to offer by visiting their Facebook Page here.
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