8 Office Supplies that Double Up as Emergency Fashion Fixes

A true fashionista knows how to look stunning at all times. We have already shown you, how to go from work wear to party wear in minutes. However, what if you have a wardrobe emergency at your workplace – a broken strap, stains, torn hemlines and more! Worry not, we’re always here to help a sister out, especially if it fashion related.

fashion fixes

We list out eight office supplies that double up as emergency fashion fixes. Guess we have your attention now!

Sticky Tape
This probably the most important office supply for a stylista. It does pretty much everything from fixing a stitch that has come off to keeping your necklace in place. The two way tape works even better in these cases. In case of dust or lint on your clothes, use tape or other sticky materials like courier parcel envelopes to take it out.

Paper Clips
You may find them all over your office and even in the stack of files on your desk. Use it to fix your broken strap, undone hem, fastening your loose button, and even de-clumping your mascara. Try it.

fashion fixes

Messy nail paint, chipped polish – use the whitener to fix it temporarily to attend that big meeting. It dries quickly and looks natural.

Pencils and Pens
You may use a pencil to tie your hair (and look stylish) when your clip or band breaks. You may also use marker pens to camouflage stains or prominent pins that stick out in your outfit.

It helps you organize your papers, it sure will aid in fixing your fashion woes. While it is not recommended as staplers may leave holes in your clothes, you may pin torn hems skilfully to avoid further tears.

fashion fixes

Chipped, annoying nail edges and no filer around? Try the rough side of the matchbox in the pantry at office and use it to smoothen the edges.

Post-It Notes
Keep all your To-Do reminders handy with these sticky notes, and also wipe off the excess lipstick on the teeth along with painting your nails without spilling the paint outside.

fashion fixes

Kitchen Roll
If you’re having a bad skin day (yes, it exists) then use the kitchen roll to blot of excess oil, sunscreen and makeup. Use this instead of a tissue as it absorbs more and gets the work done faster.

Those little colourful things that you keep losing every now and then may actually be very useful. If you lost the back of a earring use a small part of an eraser to keep it in place. Small pen stains and ink stains may be lightened by simply rubbing the eraser on that area.

fashion fixes

Do you know about other cool fixes? Tell us in the comments section, help a sister out.

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