20 Genius Ways to Wear Your Work Clothes Outside The Office

Your company HR policy may strictly enforce a formal dress code at office. So you’ve loaded up on cotton pants, shirts and other office wear. Now the real dilemma – you’ve spent most of your budget on clothes that will make you look sharp at work and come the weekend, you’re stuck with nothing to wear!

We know exactly how you feel, so here are some cool tips to style your office wear so you look trendy even outside your air-conditioned cabin.

Your Go-to Office Staple: Shirts

office wear to casual wear

Here are a few ways you can wear your office shirts over the weekends too:

1. Wear your solid colour shirt under a cool sweater or a tee. To look super trendy, try a crop style sweater or a cardigan.

2. Turn your printed shirt into a crop shirt by knotting the ends and pair it with high waisted bottoms.

3. Wear it with a funky jacket – printed, denim or collarless jackets, and walk out in style.

4. Your plain shirts are perfect to wear with a statement neckpiece, stacked accessories or a bright scarf. This is when you are really centering your look around your cool accessories.

5. Roll up your shirt sleeves and wear with distressed jeans. You rockstar!

All about Layering: Cardigans and Jackets

office wear to casual wear

Pairing blazers or cardigans with your outfit is what all fashionistas are talking about. At work it may be mandatory to wear these in meetings, but outside give it a fun twist.

6. Pair your blazer with a cartoon tee and shorts for a casual day look.

7. Wear your cardigan with a dress and belt when you step out to meet your girlfriends.

8. Throw in your jacket in 90s style over your shoulders and complete the look with oversized sunglasses.

9. Try to mix prints: Pair your printed blazers with printed bottoms for a trendy look.

Bottoms Up: Pants and Skirts

office wear to casual wear

Formal bottoms are no longer the drab, dull thing they used to be. There are so many different fits and styles you may wear to work. And there is no reason to limit the use of these to only your office.

10. Wear your plain work pants with funky shoes in prints and bold colours. Instant makeover for your bottoms, and also comfortable for the summer.

11. Wear it with a crop top or a casual tee and accessorize. No one will guess that you’ve borrowed pants from your work wardrobe.

12. Go monotone by finding a top of the same shade as your pants and wear a printed belt with matching shoes and bag. Divalicious!

13. Wear a metallic, shimmer, printed or bright coloured belt as your statement accessory and pair it with a tucked in casual top for a summer look.

14. Go androgynous and wear pants with suspenders and blazer.

Dress It Up!

office wear to casual wear

There is so much you can do with a solid coloured formal dress. Here are a few options:

15. Pair it with printed jacket and belt. You just transformed into a style diva.

16. Colour block your dress with a jacket, belt, clutch and even add a light cardigan.

17. Wear a crop top and layer your dress for a chic look. You can even wear try wearing a shirt or a top inside the dress for a unique style of layering.

18. Combine it with old-school denim or faux leather jacket.

19. Stack bangles, necklaces, rings and add other accessories to give a modish style to your formal dress.

20. Wear with stockings for an instant vintage look.

So don’t dismiss your office clothes stack on the weekend or on evenings out. Try these tips, and thank us later!
Any other ways that you wear your office clothes outside of work? Do share with us in comments below.

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