On Saturday, it’s Magic all the Way at the Comedy Store

GET: an evening of rib splitting comedy with Ashvin Gidwani’s-David Gonsalves & Anthony Copperfied in “Its a kind of Magic” written & directed by Paritosh Painter.

IN: The Comedy Store in Palladium Mall, High Street Pheonix. Ticket box offices are on the ground, 3rd Floor and 4th Floor of the Mall. You can also book your ticket through bookmyshow.com

ON: The 5th of Feb at 6.00 pm. Click here to book tickets

IT: is about Mr. Hardik Singh (Balwinder Singh Suri), who has been assigned the job to hire Professional Magicians. Unfortunately due to some misunderstanding the professional magicians don’t turn up. To save his job he hires two available amateur magicians Adi-Manav (Aditya Tendulkar – Paritosh Painter & Manav Kambli – Jayesh Thakkar). Mr.Singh is not aware of Adi-Manav’s handicaps. To add to Mr.Singh woes he is hassled by his just-married wife, Manjeet Kaur who is waiting for him at home.

More About the Play: ” Its A Kind Of Magic” produced by Ashvin Gidwani, written and directed by Paritosh Painter (Of Bollywood Blockbusters “Dhamaal” and “Paying Guest” fame). “Its A Kind Of Magic” features the blockbuster trio from the hugley successful laugh riot “Get Rid Of My Wife” : Paritosh Painter, Balwinder Singh Suri and Jayesh Thakkar.

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