Online Teas And Coffee Stores In Mumbai

Tea and coffee stores in Mumbai are as important to its citizens as Sachin Tendulkar is to India. For a city that never sleeps, we do require our daily doses at regular intervals. Teas help you relax while coffees aid you in driving away those Zzzs. Plus, there’s something to be said about making your own beverage, your way and drinking it to your heart’s content.
We give you dope on two tea and coffee stores in Mumbai that sell some of the finest beverages available in India, from an online platform. This is so you develop a taste for the premium kinds only!
Snigdha Manchanda, after tasting 100 cups a day and profiling over 2,000 varieties of tea at Sri Lanka, started Tea Trunk, where she sells gourmet tea blends crafted by her. At Tea Trunk, the teas, sold loose or even in tea bags are always whole leaf with a no-dust policy. They are blended with ingredients sourced from the roots-of-the-earth such as rose petals, ginger roots, lemon peels and more, making them natural to the tea! You can buy teas from their online store by clicking here. You can also get in touch with them if you’d like to host a tea-tasting or a tea party or want their tea sommelier to create a special blend for you.
To get in touch with Tea Trunk, call them on 9819417134 or mail them at
On the other hand, The Indian Bean is the online shopping destination for coffee lovers in Mumbai. Selling filter coffees from estates in Coorg and Kodaikanal, their speciality is that their coffees are single-estate ones or basically coffees that come from a single plantation. Still expanding their horizons, they currently have very limited varieties of coffee on sale, but the section that tells you how to brew coffee in much, much detail more than makes up for it. To browse through their collection, you can visit The Indian Bean’s website here.
To get in touch with them, call them on 9820745916 or write to them at
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