Order Your Tiffin Online with Spicebox

The dabbawallas of Mumbai will never disappoint you. They are the superheroes of the lunch hour. How else would they be at every office, delivering dabbas every day at the same time? And if you would like to join in their fan following, there is a tiffin service that sends their food through these mighty heroes. But what’s new? It’s that they are India’s first online tiffin service. They take orders online. You can choose your meal for the days to follow, while you’re creating an excel sheet on the side.

We are talking about SpiceBox, an online service that strives to fulfill the lunching needs of all Mumbaikars, through the worldwide web. They specialize in authentic North Indian cuisine and you can choose from options of non-veg, veg and alternate tiffins for the month. This will include dal, rice, roti, salad/raita, a veg or a non-veg dish depending on your choice.

So how do they work? You need to log onto their website, choose your plan and meal, and proceed to checkout. A delivery boy will come home to take your payment within 48 hours.
SpiceBox delivers every day from Churchgate to Borivali and they have a special surprise cuisine every Friday.
A non-veg tiffin would cost you approximately Rs. 1,520 a month and veg one would cost Rs. 1,330.
You can call on  9819800305 or send an email to spicebox@outlook.com for more details.

To book your tiffin, click here.

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