Get In Order: 5 Genius Ways To Organise Your Makeup & Hair Products

So you’ve got the best of the lipsticks from the latest winter trend. In fact, you’ve even got all your makeup brushes and gadgets ready for the upcoming occasion. But are you treating them well? If you don’t store all of them correctly, not only will your nail polish bottles dry up but it’s also possible that your brushes and powders may collect bacteria!

We show you five easy ways to organise your makeup to find items easily and ensure that they are safe for the skin.

1. Brushes & Pencils: Mugs & Vases
Your makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so you need to store them well. Use a casual mug or a decorative vase to store them. Remember to cover the entire vase with a plastic piece above the brushes and pencils to avoid contamination. You can even clean your brushes by following the steps given here.

organize your makeup
2. Electronic Beauty Gadgets: Hooks & Plastic Containers
Use old plastic containers to store your straightening iron and blow dryers. This will keep them away from moisture. You can even hang them from hooks near your dressing table or bathroom mirror if you use your gadget more than twice a day.

organize your makeup
3. Powders & Eye Shadows: Plastic Compartment Bag
Get this plastic container from any local bag shop or you can make it yourself using sheets and a strong glue to keep your powder-based products safe.

organize your makeup
4. Nail Polish/Lipsticks: Transparent Drawer
It can be tedious to look for nail paint by opening each drawer. Instead, store them in transparent sections, along with your lipsticks. You can even stick small paper tags on your lipsticks to know the exact shade when in a hurry.

organize your makeup
5. Foundations & Hair Sprays: Divide Drawer
Finally, your fragile bottles of foundation, sprays and even perfumes can be stored in your basic drawer by using dividers. You can either get them done from your carpenter or use plastic food trays for division.

organize your makeup

Do let us know if you have other ideas for organising your makeup cabinet.

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