Are Your Gadget Wires Making Your Home Ugly? Here Are 6 Genius Ways To Organise Them

You keep every corner of your house clean and organise it well. Whether it is picking up during the weekend or after a long day of work, you ensure that your home looks just right. But the one area that always looks messy is the place where your computer, tablet and mobile phones are kept. No matter how much you clean, the entangled wires look ugly and unorganised. We show you six smart ways to sort out your wires and de-clutter that space.

1. Label Them
One of the first things you can do to clean up the entangled wires is to label both ends of each wire. Get creative and use coloured tape with names of wires. You can also use leftover bread packet tags for it.

Organize Your Wires2. Box Them
Take an old shoe box and make holes or cut out a bit of space for your wire outlet. Use it to store all your wires behind your laptop or desktop. If you sort them well, the wires will not get entangled with each other.

Organize Your Wires3. Clip Them
This one’s fairly simple; just roll your wires well and hold them with a hair clip. Stack the rolls one on top of the other and it’ll look neat as well as be easy to clean.

Organize Your Wires4. Hang Them
Take a paper clip and hang your wires from your desk as shown below. This will make it easy to connect and disconnect. Ensure that you label the wires before doing this. Plus, if you want to wrap the wires for your trip, you can take the pins with you without any hassle.

Organize Your Wires5. Tape Them
Take a small strip of Velcro and use it to wrap the wires. You can sew the tape on to the wire to keep it handy.

Organize Your Wires6. Shelf Them
If you have a bit of time, install a shelf below the computer table where all your wires and spike-guard can be stored. This will make the space look neat and de-cluttered.

Organize Your WiresSo get working and make your work space at home look just as great as the other parts. Have any more tips to organise wires? Do let us know in the comments section.

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