Organza Foods – Organic Meals Delivered in Mumbai

The latest addition in the dabba scene in Mumbai is Organza Foods, a service that delivers 100% organic meals using natural ingredients that are freshly made every day.
Why go organic, you ask? Organic food is made out of produce that is not sprayed with any kind of pesticide or chemicals by farmers. Thus, encouraging an eating trend that is completely natural and extremely nutritious. You may be eating a healthy bowl of salad every day. But the tomatoes and cabbage in that meal are full of hazardous chemicals that can weaken your immune system. The same salad can be made using organic tomatoes, which will have 20-40 more anti-oxidants!
So if you’re planning to shift to this healthier diet, then order your food from Organza as they start delivering from 3rd June 2013 onwards.
Their meals are wholesome, simple and flavourful, and consist of fortified Indian bread (3 rotis), salad, pulses or vegetable gravy, a rice dish and a dry vegetable dish. While 10 such meals will cost you Rs. 1,999 plus Rs. 250 for delivery, 20 meals will cost you Rs. 3,999 with Rs. 500 for delivery charges.
These meals are delivered through certified dabbawallas from 12:30 pm till 2 pm on weekdays.
Organza Foods takes orders for kiddie meals because your little one needs all the nutrition he/she can get too, where together you can pre-design a meal plan for the child. They also undertake special prior orders for exhibitions, mini parties, meetings and the likes.
It’s never too late to go organic and respect your body, so call Organza Foods on 9833911263 or email them on to place your orders.
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