Dress to Kill for Awkward Moments

I bet you’ve had that awkward moment when you show up for an interview and you look more dressed up than your employer! Or worse, that uncomfortable silence when you run into your ex who suddenly looks way hotter and you’re pulling off the ‘hermit’ look in your sweat pants.

If I had a rupee for every time someone narrated their fashion disasters at weird encounters, I’d be able to afford a closet full of Manolo Blahniks. While most moments may not be rectified, you may dress to kill for some planned events. Here are a few outfits for awkward moments.

Ex Factor – Subtle and Sexy

There is a good chance that you will probably run into your dreaded ex-boyfriend at a common friend’s birthday party, regular club, coffee shop, etc. Except, this time you want to make sure he remembers you. Now, instead of looking like Amy from The Big Bang Theory, it’s time to pull off a Penny. So, show off those long legs and sexy curves, but with all the subtlety and grace you can manage. Be rest assured, he is sure to give you more than just an approving glance in this outfit.

Outfits for Awkward Moments

Dress: Rs. 3300, Shoes: Rs. 1799, Earrings: Rs. 749

Blind Date – Safe and Sound

After having given a disaster with your ex, a complete pass, you probably need to look stunning for your blind date. That being said, you don’t want to be under or over dressed for this date no matter what. Just imagine, wearing a formal dress shirt to a beach side cafe, or a skirt to an amusement park. So, if you’re looking to avoid another awkward moment, we would recommend this outfit to you, which is sure to make you look superb, yet save you from a fashion faux pas.

Outfits for Awkward Moments


Top: Rs.1100 , Pants: Rs.1500 , Ring: Rs.499 , Shoes: Rs. 1299

Meeting his Friends – Comfy and Casual

Now that your date has gone off well, it’s time to meet his BFFs. You do want them to like you and find you charming, funny, smart and whacky, (cause their bond is what movies are made of, am I right?). But, you definitely don’t want them to do that by seeing you in your Lady Gaga outfit. So, whether you’re going to a nice expensive restaurant or to your local bar or pub, it’s probably a good idea to dress in a way that is comfortable and casual, like this one.

Outfits for Awkward Moments


Dress: Rs.2540, Shoes: Rs.899, Bag: Rs. 1599

Need a Raise – Crisp and Confident

You probably could use some extra cash from your job, whether it is because you deserve it for the amount of work you put in, or because you need some help to get over your immense credit card bill from buying new outfits. When you do stand in front of your boss, you definitely don’t want to look like a dull, over-worked employee. Instead, if you want to make an impression without looking over-the-top; you should probably go for something like this.

Outfits for Awkward Moments

Shirt: Rs.1300, Pants: Rs.1299, Scarf: Rs.399, Shoes: Rs.1599

Reunions – Dressy and Dramatic

Reunions, whether they’re with old school or college friends, or ex-colleagues, demand everyone to make a statement. You’d probably want to go with a dressy and dramatic look, but don’t forget, there is a fine line between dramatic and dreaded. You should try to make your outfit classy and chic, and have one statement accessory that will totally speak for your job and personal life. Remember, ladies. Subtlety is the key.

Outfits for Awkward Moments

Dress: Rs.3000, Shoes: Rs2199., Earrings: Rs.799, Necklace: Rs.879

New Job – Uber cool and Understated

When you go for a job interview, or the first day at your new office, you know that your new colleagues are checking you out and watching your every move. Knowing this, it’s best you go with an understated look, rather than something loud. Go for a simple formal dress shirt with an intriguing fashion accessory. Try this look.

Outfits for Awkward Moments


Dress: Rs.999, Shoes: Rs.1899, Bag: Rs.1200, Necklace: Rs.1399

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