Wake Up Like A Diva: 5 Overnight Hairstyles That Will Save You Time In The Morning

Unless you have a good hair day everyday (you lucky girl!), it’s almost impossible to look impeccable at work each morning. But let’s face it, you’d rather sleep 15 minutes extra than style your hair in the early hours. So we figured out a win-win solution—you can now get extra sleep and make your hair look stunning!

Yes, with these simple overnight tricks, you can create a new hairstyle every day. Check them out.

1. Soft Curls
Those lovely soft curls are every girl’s envy, and you can get them by simply twisting your hair. Learn how to get it just right without putting in too much effort.

2. Crimped Volume
Want some volume in your limp hair? Try this. Simply braid and sleep, and you’ll wake up with big, crimped hair.

3. Tight Curls
Get Kangana Ranaut-style curls with this easy and quick hairstyle. Sleep over it and wake up looking gorgeous.

4. Beachy Waves
Head to work on weekday mornings like you’ve just returned from a long vacation. Get these gorgeous boho waves.

5. Retro Waves
Drive away the mid-week blues by getting cool, retro-style curls. Head to work in a pretty formal dress and winged eyeliner to complete the look.

Try these styles and let us know which ones you loved in the comments section.

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Image courtesy: toptenbee.com

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