Pantone Colour of Spring 2014- Get Ready To Dazzle

After completing 50 years of celebrating colour, Pantone, the world’s colour authority provides us with some colour inspiration for the coming year. After this year’s striking emerald green, Pantone has crowned dazzling blue as the most stylish colour for Spring 2014- a vibrant shade of cobalt that most of us probably have in certain doses in our wardrobe.

Pantone Colour Of 2014

Pantone Colour Of 2014

The ‘it’ colour was chosen for its practicality as most people already wear versions of the shade. Personally, I think it’s a compelling colour that can be worn well by men and women of all body shapes. I’ve already started seeing this shade at most high-street stores so get ready to update your wardrobes ladies.

Being extremely versatile, dazzling blue will be fairly simple to style and will look fantastic in the day as well as the night. I can see this hot hue on practically everything from bags and shoes to even makeup trends (I wouldn’t mind obsessing over dazzling blue eye shadow). It really is an eye-catching shade that isn’t too loud but not too subtle either and is super easy to incorporate into the colour palette of your closet.

Pantone also gives us the top 10 shades for women’s colour palettes for the year which consists of shades that are bright but not too OTT.

Top 10 Men and Women's Pantone Colours for 2014

Top 10 Men and Women’s Pantone Colours for 2014

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