Parenting Can Be Fun With Kids Stop Press

Being a working parent in a city like Mumbai is challenging. As a parent you’re expected to juggle your office work and household chores, and care for your children and family. To make your life easier, Mansi Zaveri, who is a working mother herself, started a blog called Kids Stop Press, which is regularly updated with new posts on fun things you can do with your children, books to buy for them, games that will help in developing your kid’s imagination and creativity, and equipping them with the right skills to prepare them for school.

She reviews food, places and books, provides valuable parenting tips, and tells about fun places to visit and about any event in the city, where you can have a good time with your kids. Her posts are easy to understand and follow, usually written from experience and are written in a simple, engaging language. Every post is accompanied with bright images or photographs of the place to visit or the book she recommends. This type of approach encourages the parent to read further and browse through other related posts.

Mansi Zaveri started this blog to motivate and inspire parents to spend more enjoyable time with their kids by giving them ways to do the same. As a full time working mother, she found it very arduous to cope with looking after her little one. She also felt that there’s a dearth of information online to guide working parents. She says, “Having no access to information that is easily accessible, I thought it was important to share this with other parents and make it easier for them to enjoy raising their kids.”

- Sonia Khudanpur

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