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There’s something about December that makes every one want to shop till they drop. Be it the upsurge in the number of sales, exhibitions, daily deals on eStores or the simple fact that the party season, by default, calls for a reason to shop; we don’t know. Either way, we know one thing: this is the time of the year that you stack up your wardrobes to the point where it’s all spilling out (I know mine is) and you’ll still keep finding another reason to shop. So while you’re at it, I’m giving you a sneak-peek of a few items that I’m sure will tempt you into further loosening those pockets; here they are:

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Black And Gold Scalloped Dress

A dress like this is sure to make a statement in itself, but if you’re looking to add a dash of OTT to it, just throw in some dangling earrings or chunky cuffs. Don’t forget that bright lips and smokey eyes are also an option to add some drama.

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White Maxi Dress

Something fit for your brunches and lunches; maybe dinners too if you’re into breaking the conventional norms. What’s more? Add a sparkle of color or throw on a layer and you’ll be winter-ready.

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Yellow One Shoulder Semi-Sheer Maxi

Now now, we all love color. Let’s admit it. Yes, it’s a bit too mainstream, but that doesn’t make you love it any less, does it?! A dress like this is a statement in itself, so my advise would be to leave out the neckwear and go all bare, there. Looking elegant and sexy; this one’s sure to be a head turner.

Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 2.24.55 AM

Black Shirt-Dress

The shirt-dress is something that’s trending since only recently, but has made quite the wave. With the casual-meets-party look that the cut emanates, you can wear this to work, to party or even dress it down with simple flats.

Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 2.25.03 AM

Black Peplum Formal Dress

This one’s perfect for the formal night out. Another one that you can skip the neckpiece with, maybe throw on some calm, muted make up and you’ll be ready to go. Little tip: If you’re heavy on the hips, skip the peplum. However, if you’re slim and have a tiny waist, you may have just found yourself your new #BFF

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