Pearls and Roses Exclusive Spa Body Lotion Sold Out

Pearls and Roses Exclusive Spa Body Lotion

Price: Rs. 2500
Tender & smooth! A perfect skin luxury in pure pearls and sensuous rose. Pamper your body, improve your body texture and feel the smoothness of satin in every touch! Romance is in the air! Pearls are called "elixir of youth". The content of precious sea minerals revitalize, regenerate, rejuvenate and moisturize skin and protect it against adverse environmental impacts. Unique rose oil fights against premature skin ageing, restores its elasticity, reduces sun impact and prevents loss of water from the skin. Besides pearl and rose extracts, our body lotion contains exceptionally nourishing oil from macadam nuts and almonds. Light flower scents and the airiness of soft roses and white lily, make the body feel divine!