8 Types of People You Should Avoid at Indian Weddings

The season of winter is mainly known for two things: Christmas and Weddings. While you may be busy taking a stock of your embroidered clothes and stone studded jewellery, it would be helpful to know the kind of people to avoid at these events. Here are eight kinds of people you will run into at a typical Indian Wedding.

Indian Weddings

1. Shaadi.com

The aunts who are always looking for a groom or a bride for their son/daughter. They will eye every inch of you with an x-ray like vision; the jewellery, clothes, shoes, nail paint, hair do and more. God help you if you are on their ‘list’.

2. Disco Dancer

This uncle is heavily inspired by Jeetendra and Mithunda, and will not leave a single opportunity to show it. Even if you are keeping a distance, whip your phone out as he might just be a potential million hits on YouTube.

3. Bouncing Baby

If the uncle wasn’t enough, there are annoying parents who force their children to show the ‘lungi dance step’ to the entire wedding party repeatedly.

4. The Anwar

Crazy Bridesmaid

Also known as the best man or bridesmaid, these people are overly emotional and will fawn over every breath of the bride and groom. When they are not shadowing the couple, they will be desperately trying to get attention or action for the night to come.

5. The Incredible Sulk

The forever-alone guy or the divorcee who sulks and tells his or her sob stories, because being fun is too mainstream. If you run into them, be ready with anti-depression pills.

6. Newly Wed Couple

They are constantly holding hands and boring people about their wedding stories. They believe that everything about their wedding from the food to the decor, to the sangeet theme, was the best. Get away before they start telling you every single detail. Yawwwn!

7. The Glutton

This man or woman is at the event because there is free food. They couldn’t care less about the happy couple. If you know them, they will drag you to every corner and may be even make you wait in different lines for paan-flavoured ice cream.

8. Unpaid PhotographerUnpaid Photographer

This person has an SLR camera and all the ladies are hovering around him to get a perfect Facebook profile picture in a sari. He may also keep randomly getting into weird positions (ahem!) to get an ‘arty’ shot of the couple.

Dodge these typical ones at the wedding and you are sure to have a blast.

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