Personality Quiz: Are You A High Maintenance Girl?

Does it break your heart when your freshly manicured nail gets chipped? Does your bag contain more beauty products than a cosmetic shop? Are you a high maintenance diva, a humble beauty or low maintenance?  Take this quick personality quiz now to find out.


The guy you’ve been seeing since past 3 months brings you a bunch of flowers and a greeting card on your birthday. Your reaction would be

A)     It’s my birthday and he gets me stupid flowers! I’m so disappointed I was hoping for something like a Chanel No. 5

B)      Flowers are nice but a bottle of Chandon would be nicer

C)      I love it! That’s the sweetest gesture ever



Your friends want to go on a camping trip for a nice trekking adventure

A)     Like in that burning scorching sunlight? My friends would never plan something so skin damaging

B)      I don’t mind camping but will have to buy tons of sunscreen and hats. Although I’m worried about the dry toilets

C)      Yay! Camping is so much fun. I am a pro at outdoor activities



You are dressing up for a party. What are your thoughts?

A)     I am gonna look the best and everybody will envy my dress from Burberry’s next season

B)      I want to look my best and stand out in the crowd

C)      Party. Food. Drinks. Fun. Thoughts over. Repeat



What is your fitness routine like?

A)     I do a mix of Pilates and yoga to maintain my hourglass shape

B)      A quick jog every morning keeps me fresh

C)      Fitness routine usually includes beating up my brother. Yup, that just gets my adrenaline pumping



You go out for drinks with your girlfriends, what do you order?

A)     Cocktails, a margarita maybe?

B)      Vodka with tonic

C)      Beer



How many beauty products do use in a day?

A)     Above 5

B)      3 to 5

C)      0 to 2



How often do you go for manicures?

A)     I go every week.

B)      Once in 15 days

C)      Birthdays, anniversaries, occasions



What is your ideal romantic date like?

A)     On a luxury yacht, a bottle of chardonnay, a butler serving us French cuisine and me in a Gucci gown

B)      Open air classy restaurant, musicians playing violins and a starry beautiful sky

C)      Hitting the club or a candle lit dinner at home



Who can you relate to better- Blair Waldorf or Serena Van Der Woodsen from popular TV series Gossip Girl?

A)     Blair Waldorf, I’m the Queen B

B)      Serena because I know I am pretty but I am humble you see

C)      Dude, I don’t know what you’re talking about



How would you host a girl’s night at your house?

A)     Spa, manicure, facials over blueberries, cheese platter and wine

B)      Movies, pasta, karaoke and lots of gossip

C)      Eating a whole junk of chips, fries and all the carbs you can get your hands on



Mostly As: High Maintenance Diva- You are high maintenance and you know that. Your wardrobe is like a common girl’s dream come true. You like everything classy, mediocrity just won’t do. You can differentiate between a Chanel and a Gucci bag with just the logo. When we say Acne, you relate it to the fashion house and not skin problems. You can easily become a style critic and have given your friends many makeovers. But, the truth is you need to calm the hell down!

Mostly Bs: Humble Beauty-You are a diva but you don’t like going over the top with it. If a guy you’ve been eyeing asks for your number, you’d rather ask him yours and let him wait curiously for your call. Your friends call you high maintenance, but you believe you are pretty humble. You love expensive things but you also enjoy a walk in the rain.

Mostly Cs: Low Maintenance- You are not high maintenance at all. You are a lazy cat when it comes to grooming and getting dressed up. You don’t visit the salon unless you absolutely have to. You would rather buy ten thrifted tops than one really expensive one. You are in love with street junk food and you can chug down beers like a dude. Your mother probably tries to make you behave like a lady, but has anyone ever had fun while being well-behaved?

Which one are you? Share your results with your friends and with us!

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