Phive Rivers New Decadence_pr744 Satchel Red Sold Out

Phive Rivers New Decadence_pr744 Satchel Red

Price: Rs. 6000
About Product : Summer time means refreshing blue- grab this cool refreshing mood uplifter this season and treat yourself a stylish summer! Red colour has a beauty beyond comparison. Phive Rivers brings to you a piece of art, a design so stylish, a colour so mesmerising that you cannot afford to miss it this summer. The trendy brush brass trims add to its appealing look. The bag has great utility. It is easy to carry, comes with a zipped compartment inside. You are sure to grab attention with this beautiful satchel. Spacious, compact and a must have for all smart women. A great combination of smart silhouette and rich luxurious colour. The leather has a shine of its own. The silhouette has an aura of sophistication. Feel the flow of luxury this summer. Product Care Instruction : Treat with a suitable leather protector , use hair brush for daily clean and avoid contact with liquids

Color Red