Photo Journal: Malabar Hill on a Rainy Day

Go up to Malabar hill where the Shoe house is and stand for at least fifteen minutes to gaze at the beauty, where nature wraps itself around the concrete jungle we live in.

Ironically this silent place screams nature and it’s a perfect stop for some alone time with a book or a camera, perfect lighting and mood for anyone who loves being outdoors.

So everything that is said about the monsoons, the different things people do to enjoy it, or the ‘cliché’s’ of Mumbai’s monsoon are indeed true to a great extent. Do it the right way in the right spirit: even a cup of tea from your studio apartment or the local tapri ki chai can be enjoyed with a Marie biscuit, bhajia or plain. The joy of this simple thing is unbeatable.

Remember, the key is to get your tongue burnt, your shoes dirty while waiting for your bhutta to come and getting yourself drenched to truly enjoy the Mumbai Monsoons.

- Margaret Jeyaraj

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