Time To Get Naughty: 10 Unconventional Places To Have Sex

It is always great when your beau has his own crib and you can spend hours being intimate and romantic. But every once in a while you need to spice things up and get a bit naughty. So we suggest you experiment a bit and try making love at these places. We’re sure you’ll be surprised at how much a new place adds to the bedroom experience.

Places You Must Have Sex At 1. Shower
Let’s start with something simple, shall we? Now, we would have said to do in the rain, but that’s tough considering the erratic Indian monsoon. So, why not the shower? A hot and steamy quickie in the bathroom will keep you in a great mood even on a Monday.

2. Kitchen Floor
Cook up some fun desserts together and get in the mood in the middle of it. The kitchen floor will make it spontaneous and exciting.

3. Front of a Mirror
Look at your body and his while getting down and dirty. This will take your sex drive to a whole new level. It’s even better when you do it against the wall.

4. Terrace
Sex is always more fun when sneaking away from parents and friends. Find a quiet spot on your building terrace behind the plants and enjoy a coital session under the stars.

5. Office Desk
This is only possible if either of you has your own cabin or if you sneak into the office after hours. Carry a costume and enjoy a quick role play session.

6. Car
Making out in the car is something you probably would’ve tried. But now get into a dark, lonely parking lot and seduce him. He will love you for this hot, exciting sex session.

7. Aeroplane
Join the mile-high club and sneak into an airplane bathroom when no one is looking. It might be a bit uncomfortable, but the thrill is worth it. Make sure you wear sexy lingerie.

8. Outdoor Tent
Wondering how to enjoy sex on the beach while on a vacation? Carry a tent. Whether you’re trekking or looking for an outdoor experience, a tent is a great place to get some privacy and enjoy making love to your man.

9. Hotel
This one will need you guys to spend a bit of your cash on room reservations, but we promise it will be worth it. The experience of a new place and no cleaning up afterwards will be a great mood booster.

10. (Clean) Public Loo
Most of you ladies might not agree to this one, but it can be extremely hot. Find a posh place or head to your regular joint a little earlier than the crowd and enjoy a risky and fun session of naughtiness.

Go ahead, girl—experiment. Don’t be scared to add your own creative ideas to the list.

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Images courtesy: ivillage.ca, sodahead.com

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