Polish Up Your Spells Coz The End Is Here – Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2

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It all ends this July 15th!

The epic finale is here. The final movie in the series, where the battle between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort foreseen by the prophecy will finally unfold. You can be a part of this wizard world. As Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 2 hits theatres on July 15th, High Street Phoenix along with the producers (Warner Bros.) of Harry Potter has created a special Harry Potter exclusive display just for all Potter lovers. View a selection of photos and posters from all the previous Harry Potter films and also be left enchanted with Harry’s world recreated to perfection. Harry and his coterie, Severus Snape and even the infamous Lord Voldemort all stare down at you amidst a variety of fun Harry Potter activities!

The magical experience will continue for a whole week – you can get your face painted and coloured or get yourself your own wand, lockets and witch/ wizard’s hat. Win movie tickets or some of the official merchandise including DVDs, wand pencils, T-shirts, note books and many other things. The Harry Potter merchandise, poster exhibition and the coloring sheets will have line arts of dragons, unicorns, centaurs and elves. Prepare to be potterised!

As you enjoy the exclusive display and the atmosphere, here’s the list of all the activities:

13th July (12pm – 8pm) – Face Painting and colouring activity

14th July (12pm – 8pm) – Face Painting and colouring activity

15th July (12pm – 8pm) – Deathly Hallows locket and drawing/ colouring activity

16th July (12pm – 8pm) – Wand Making and colouring/drawing activity

17th July (12pm – 8pm) – Witches Hat Making and colouring/drawing activity

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