Post Festive Season Detox Diet

I’m sure you have gorged on heavy sweets and fried snacks during Diwali! You have full rights to indulge, but now it’s time to detox and flush out unnecessary fats and rejuvenate your body’s metabolism with these foods that help you refresh your system. It is very normal to feel guilty for having overeaten and then feel bloated and bogged down post the festive season. Cleansing is very important even for your body as it needs to recover from poor dietary choices and lack of physical exercise. Here’s how you can go on a detox diet -

1. Hydrate yourself

Keep sipping water throughout the day, make sure you consume at least 2 liters. Water is free from any kind of calories and helps in flushing out toxins from your body. If you are not so happy just having plain water, then you can make it interesting by adding a dash of lime, mints and cucumber.

Detox diet drinking water

2. Cut down on caffeine

You surely want your hot cup of tea or coffee at least 2 times a day, but the amount of caffeine in them can be very dehydrating. So, for a few days or so switch to having green tea or fresh lime water and then you can gradually move towards your intake of caffeinated beverages.

3. Cut back on sugar intake

If you’ve had your fair share of sweets, then it’s most likely that your body is suffering from sugar overload. Restrict your sugar level for a few days; avoid unnecessary sugars that are present in aerated drinks, confectioneries and even in nutritional bars. If you do get sweet cravings, opt for natural fruits like pear or apple as a substitute. Natural sugars from fruits are rich in anti-oxidants that will leave you feeling more fresh and energetic and also will help you to detox your body.

Detox diet cutting down on sugar

4. Reduce oil content

You must be aware of how much oil you have consumed in the last few days. To avoid further intake, cut it down in your veggies, dals and rotis. Avoid frying in ghee and even slow down on olive oil intake as eventually it’s still oil. Instead go for grilled or baked goods.

5. Eat fresh and exercise

Increase your intake of fresh leafy vegetables; make your meals salad-oriented as the more you eat fresh veggies the faster your body detoxifies. Avoid red meat; instead have more of fish and chicken. The last few days have not given you much scope to exercise, start your regime with brisk walking and give your body more movement.

detox diet fresh salads

Some tips on how NOT to detox:

Those who are enthusiastic on how to start a detox therapy should read this too. These practices are not only useless but do no good for your body.

  • Starving yourself (crash diets are a strict no no)
  • Skipping meals (it’s the worst idea to loose weight)
  • Depriving yourself (having things in moderation is the key to a balance diet)

Hope this has helped you in busting any detox myths. The easier you are on your body, the better chances of recovering. As you can see, detoxing after any festival need not be a hellish job.

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