15 Ways You Could Be Ageing Your Skin Prematurely

BB creams, CC creams, anti-ageing serums and Botox—you’ve heard of all the treatments that help take a few years off your face. But along with removing your wrinkles, they will also burn a big hole in your pocket. So are your choices only to be broke or an old crone? Not really. While nothing can get back your teenage skin (no matter how loudly they shout from the rooftop that they can), you can try these simple tips to rapidly slow down your ageing process.

You Are What You Eat

prevent ageing - diet
1. Stay hydrated. Stick to your routine of two to three litres of water every day. You must also add fruits and vegetables with high water content (such as watermelons, oranges and sweet limes) to your diet.

2. Stock up on healthy proteins. Include pulses, milk products and soya in your diet, whether you are a vegetarian or not. These are healthy proteins that help regain the natural balance of your skin.

3. Healthy fat is not your enemy. We know you’re trying hard to lose that extra kilo, but cutting down on fat completely will ruin your skin. Don’t get us wrong—we’re not asking you to eat French fries with your meals. But do add avocados, olive oil, flax seeds and nuts that offer basic oiling to your system.

4. And sugar is not your friend. Sugary foods help heal a broken heart, but not your wrinkled skin. They eat away your natural skin collagen and loosen your skin. Cut down on carbs and introduce salads to your daily meals instead.

Beauty is Skin Deep

prevent ageing - skin care
5. Your skin specialist has recommended these, beauty blogs can’t stress their importance enough and you know you need them. Then why skip the moisturiser and sunscreen? Whether you are on your period cycle or working in an air-conditioned office, you need to hydrate your skin with loads of moisturiser. Sunscreen, on the other hand, helps lock your skin’s glow and protect it from external, harmful factors.

6. While monthly cleanups and facials should be on your checklist, you mustn’t go overboard. Harsh exfoliation and scrubbing may leave minute scratches on your skin, which are visible only in the long run. Go easy on these treatments and use organic products as far as possible.

7. Avoid using bleach on your face as its chemicals are known to be one of the major causes for dark spots and fine lines. If you must bleach, use natural items such as yoghurt, lemon and tomatoes.

8. Sleeping with makeup on is a cardinal beauty sin, which can lead to premature ageing. When applying makeup, ensure that your foundation and eyeliner have not expired. Also detox the skin and let it breathe by giving it a break from makeup every few days.

Healthy Body and Mind

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9. Sleeping Beauty never aged a day. Do you want to know why? Because she got her beauty sleep. Keep an alarm to wake up and to sleep. Decide a time to sleep and keep a notification on your phone half an hour before that reminds you to windup and hit the sack. This will help your skin rest and rejuvenate.

10. Find true love. No, we don’t mean getting hitched. Find something to beat the stress and PMS blues. We suggest you get a pet or learn a new hobby—your skin will thank you for it.

11. Often, over gymming and sudden weight fluctuations can lead to saggy or stretched skin. Use a moisturiser and consult an expert for getting back the elasticity of your skin.

Our Habits Make or Break Us

prevent ageing - habits
12. Have you been buying cheap sunglasses? Or worse, skipping them altogether? Then get ready for fine lines and dark circles. Squinting due to the sun or irritable lenses may cause permanent damage to your eyes.

13. Okay, so you’re upset. But remember that frowning will cause your mouth to droop. With your early morning exercise, stretch your face as well. After all, your facial skin too need its daily dose of fitness.

14. The area around your eyes is too thin, so avoid rubbing your eyes, especially after your remove your lenses. This causes wrinkles and saggy skin.

15. Finally, throw away that cigarette packet. You know it’s bad for your lungs, but did you know that it completely dries up your skin, too? Wait, there’s more. Avoid drinking alcohol more than once a week if you want to keep looking gorgeous in your 40s and 50s.

Follow all these tips religiously and you may just find your fountain of youth!

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