Print Attack: 6 Different Jumpsuit Styles You Should Try

Jumpsuits have been trending for sometime now (remember Elvis’ iconic white one?), with celebrities such as Olivia Wilde, Rihanna and Cameron Diaz opting for the one-piece garment on the red carpet—and it doesn’t look like the style is going anywhere soon. With so many materials, designs and prints to choose from, you’re truly spoilt for choice. And the best thing about jumpsuits? All you need to complete your whole look is a pair of accessories and shoes! Step away from the common monotones and opt for something fun like printed jumpsuits—they take your look to the next level of trendy. If you are a newbie and are scared of prints, worry not! We have listed down some of the different patterns that you can try.

1. Roar Away
Let your inner tigress or leopard out with wild animal prints. Take a different approach by opting for an ombré-shaded print. jumpsuits

Get the ombré animal-print jumpsuit here.

2. Floral Passion
Even though the monsoon season is upon us, you can still channel the summer spirit by opting for floral prints. This flirty and feminine print has been a favourite of the ladies for a long time.


Get the floral playsuit here.

3. Aztec
Nothing says bold and adventurous more than the aztec print. Add some chunky accessories to complete the look. jumpsuits

Get the aztec jumpsuit here.

4. Psychedelic Twist
This fun and quirky print will make you feel like you are out of this world and can give an illusion that you are falling through a tunnel into wonderland. It’s the perfect outfit for a beach party.   jumpsuits

Get the psychedelic print playsuit here.

5. Oriental Galore
Ethnic printed jumpsuits are elegant and sophisticated. Just pair this vibrant print with stilettos and you are ready for a night out.

jumpsuitsGet the oriental playsuit here.

6. Graffiti
Take a different approach on the jumpsuit with a graffiti print. This eye-catching and daring design is not for the timid (but you know you can pull it off.)

jumpsuitsBuy the graffiti print jumpsuit here.

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