Tips to Enhance Your Living Space with Prints

Aztec, chevron, stripes and other prints – your wardrobe can’t get enough of them. And like a true trend setter you know how to match and play with prints when it comes to your apparel. But why deprive your home of all the fun? Here are a few ideas to add prints to your home decor.

Printed Accessories

The fastest and the most fun way to get prints into your abode is by getting printed accessories like table mats and runners, printed cushion covers, napkins and more. These are easy to find and budget friendly.

prints for home decor

Printed Tapestry

If you are bored with the same old, monotone curtains and dull sofa shades, then shop for printed fabrics and change your tapestry. Go bold and mix different prints, or start easy by changing one part at a time. For instance, change only the fabric for your curtains and chairs.

prints for home decor

Prints on Walls

You can do so much with your plain walls simply by adding a touch of prints to them. Get life-size decals of your choice and change them every few months. If you want to try a simpler procedure, invest in a good quality painting or wall hanging. There are a host of DIY projects that help you add prints in the form of fabrics, paints, decorations and a lot more.

prints for home decor

Floor and Ceiling Prints

If you don’t want to go the conventional way then try to get trendy patterns for your ceilings and floor. Get cool rugs or printed floor mats for your living room and dining areas. For your bedroom and bathroom, opt for quirky designs on the ceiling.

prints for home decor

Tips to Use Prints:

a. If you are not sure of using prints, then add solid colour elements to printed areas. For example, a solid coloured wall painting on a printed wall. This will ensure that there is no overdose of prints.

b. In case you use more than one print, the prints you match should be either of a similar colour or of he same print family.

c. You may try contrast patterns, but ensure that they go well with the overall colour theme of your house.

d. Floral prints are the easiest to use.

e. Take risks and enjoy. Remember if it is allowed in fashion, it will work for home decor. After all, there are no rules!

Where to buy:

Read here for some unique home decor stores we love.

Online Shopping: Fab Furnish, Pepper Fry, Room Story, Zaarga, Tangerine, House Proud and Alina Homes

Other stores that have branches all over India: D’DecorFab IndiaHome Center, and Home Town.

Hope these ideas turn your home around and give it a lovely makeover. Write to us if you have tried any other innovative ways to add prints to your abode.

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