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Laptop Organizer

Laptop Organizer

Life is made pretty easy now with everything available online. While it takes us just a click to fill our homes, closets and offices with products, all that shopping leads to very messy, unorganized surroundings that we just don’t have time to arrange. One company that realized the gravity of this problem, designed and introduced products and ways to organize your products!

Butterfly Range Switchers

Butterfly Range Switchers

Organice, a brand that specializes in just that, brings to you a range of unique, fun and quirky products that are more than just helpful in your daily life. We’re talking neat and elegant ways to store your trendy jewellery, keeping your scarves intact, multi-use covers – yes they make things for all these purposes and more. These user-friendly items are practical and reasonable, especially because they will help store your most precious buys.

They come in perky designs too!

Not only will it help save the space around you, but also save your time and money.

Some of their products are:

Jewellery Stand

Jewellery Stand

Bag Switchers – pop in your essentials in the bag switcher and transfer it from one bag to another.

Butterfly Scarf Organisers – it’s pretty, it lets your scarves hang loose without getting tangled and you don’t have to rummage through your drawers to find the right one.

Wash Me Wear Me – For the ones who give utmost importance to clean lingerie during their travels!

Bling It Hanger – All your grills and blings can hang on to this pretty hanger.

These are just a few utility quirks they have in store for you. A jewellery organizer would cost you about Rs. 399, while a bag holder would cost Rs. 299.

Organice delivers all over India and you can place your order by calling on  9920444477.

Shop from Organice here.

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