PropShop24: Gifting Just Got Bizarre

“It’s her parent’s anniversary man and I can’t find anything remotely unique to gift them!”
“Yeah, the other day my sister dragged me to shop for her best friend’s birthday. There really is a shortage of cool gifts in our country.”
“You don’t say! I literally want to have my own store when it comes to buying a gift for my girlfriend”
“Hey, why don’t we actually start our own store that sells quirky, one-of-its-kind products for gifting solutions?”
And thus came PropShop24. At least this is what we think the conversation must’ve been like when 4 friends decided to start this new e-store that sells products for your home, office, bar and gives you a range of unusual gifting options.
A submarine in your tea, jumping jacks in your salad or scissors that have eyes: bizarre much? When we got a sneak peek into PropShop24 that launched this week, we were delighted to see a burst of colours in shapes of plates, coasters, spoons and more. The products are definitely eccentric and claim to come at competitive prices given the fact that they are sourced from designers and design houses across the world like Germany, Sweden, Holland, France, Israel, China and USA. Choose from dining and kitchen accessories, stationery, USB flash drives, hobby and outdoor activity accessories, champagne coolers and ice buckets, corkscrews and openers, shot glasses, decanters and more.
And if you’re lucky, you may even get to customize your gift!
An angry bird magnet with your boyfriend’s face on it maybe?
PropShop24 delivers across India and is now live. You can check out their Facebook page by clicking here.
To view the website, click here.
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