Pucker Up: How to Pull Off Bright Lips Everyday

Bright red, pink, and now orange – we all love adding some drama to our look for an evening out with bright luscious lips that look oh-so-sexy! But why shy away from using these bold colours during the day? Not sure how to do it without people assuming you’re obviously still mentally in that nightclub you went to last night? We’ve got Mehak S, Chief Blogger, WedMeGood & Peaches&Blush, to tell us how you can use your bright lipstick during the day.

1. Choose a colour that flatters your skin tone

Look at the veins at the back of your wrist. If they appear  greenish, your skin tone is warm. If they appear bluish, your skin tone is cool.


Mehak Recommends: Mac crosswires, Mac vegas volt, Mac Impassioned , Mac Ruby Woo for warm skin tones.
Mac girl about town, Mac Russian Red, Mac Chatterbox
for cool skin tones.

2. Wear it under a nude gloss


Even the brightest colour, when worn under a semi sheer nude gloss can transform into something fabulous. In the picture I have Mac cross wires under a nude lipgloss- which makes it look almost peachy!

3. Wear it like a tint


No matter how strong the colour is in your lipstick, pressing the lipstick against your lips (and not swiping it), ensures your lips are rounded off in a nice stain-like effect. This is for the scaredy cats though- because this makes even a fire engine red look like an everyday raspberry tint.

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