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Puma Stamp Flip Flops

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Life is so much more simple in a pair of open slippers that allow your feet to breathe after a whole day in those closed pumps at work. These Puma Stamp Flip Flops have been designed for every girl who loves to relax once she gets back home and pampers her dog to a cookie treat while sipping on hot tea. Made from synthetic nubuck, these slippers are easy to clean and you can wear them in any weather condition. The printed footbed of the slippers boast a horde of color stamps like black, white, blue aster, dandelion and red. A name to reckon with in the field of footwear, Puma’s exquisite collection of slippers will have any man want to laze in the sun at a beach. Footwear care Wash with a mild detergent and water.

Color Black