Pump It Up at Frequencee Studio

Fitness enthusiasts have a new place to burn out some calories without having to do tedious gym workouts. They can have a killer cardio impact in a fun way at the newly launched state-of-the-art fitness studio Frequencee. Started by expert fitness instructor Hetall Madiwalla, this 700 square feet electrifying studio is power packed with an audio system, an acoustic ceiling, air conditioners with special filters to ensure flow of clean air and interchangeable picture frames to fit the mood for every different workout.
Get ready for innovative dance and fitness workout routines, as Frequencee will hold various programs on a regular basis. Try your hand at Zumba or shake a leg at their Latin-inspired dance-fitness program for holistic benefits. The studio will have a Zumbatomic program especially for kids between 5 and 12 years of age. Frequencee will also hold a Masala Bhangra workout that is a fun, original and spicy mix of high energy Bhangra steps by Sarina Jain along with Hetall’s signature FQ workout that is a knockout combination of trampolines, steppers, weights for toning, Swiss ball pilates, yogalites and more.
The studio also has a shock absorbent floor that prevents knee, ankle and back injuries.
For more details and registrations, contact Frequencee on 9920131637.
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