Purple Belly Shoes Sold Out

Purple Belly Shoes

Brand: Kiale
Price: Rs. 999
Stress buster belly shoes for women from Kiale Spain for the women who prefer comfortable footwear.  Simple but classy, this pair of purple coloured ballerinas from Kiale Spain can complement any coloured clothing. The durable material and modish shape make this pair is an ideal wear. The shoe has a special feature of flexible magnetic insole; therefore these ballerinas act as natural stress buster.The magnetic flux created by the magnetic field formation helps softening the foot sole's dead and hard skin layers as the magnetic field has the ability to penetrate through the skin. Gradually, the magnetic therapy provided by this footwear will increase the blood circulation in the sensory nerves of your feet. Also, the soft foot sole and the magnetic waves will enhance the oxygen intake in your feet, thus keeping them fresh all day long. 

Color Purple
Occasion Casual
Look Trendy, Chic