Put Order To Chaos With OCD

Coffee stains on your table, magazines spread out, notes abruptly sticking out of the wall and amidst all this mess lays the most important file that you’ve been searching for. It’s similar to looking for something that’s lost its way in the black hole. Before your OCD suffering co-worker gets a heart attack looking at your muddle, summon the good guys at Organise, Cleanup and Declutter.
Drop them an e-mail and they’ll work with you to put order to that chaos. They’ll help you clear the clutter, organise your belongings and even drop off tips on effective utilisation of available resources. After an initial free assessment of the scope of work involved, they’ll draw up the charges and then begin with their assignment. OCD works with offices and homes as well.
Send them an e-mail on ocd.helpdesk@gmail.com or contact them on their Facebook page.
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