DIY: Quick Nail Art Ideas

Nail art is a trendy and fun thing to do, but a lot of us aren’t too skilled in making intricate patterns and fancy designs on the nails. Here’s some simple and quick nail art patterns that are easy to recreate but still trendy.

1. Polka dotted nails

This has become quite the rage and has been spotted on the ramp quite often, lately. Just apply a coat of polish, and make the polka dots with a contrasting colour, or even the same colour in a different shade. You can make the polka dots simply by dipping a toothpick, bobby pins, or even a pencil tip in the polish and dabbing it in your nails. You don’t even have to follow a precise pattern, just make sure the dots are well spaced.

Pair with a pretty monochrome clutch and statement bangles or cuffs.

quick nail art

2. Nail Stickers

These are tiny stickers that are adhesive backed, so all you have to do is stick them on. They are available in a wide range of designs.

This is when when you’re channeling your inner flower child. Or just your inner child. Pair with pastel colors on nails as well as your clothes. Or take a chance with neon!

quick nail art

You can find some here on eBay.

3. Newspaper nails

This is a simple and elegant idea. Start with a white or off white base coat and let it dry. Dip your nail in rubbing alcohol. Place the newpaper onto your nail. Gently rub without shifting the paper. Hold in place for a few seconds, then remove carefully. The print will have transferred onto your nail. Just apply a top coat and voila!

This is for poetry nights and little black dresses. This just IS elegant.

quick nail art

4. Clouds

I’ll let the picture do the talking here. It’s so cute and easy!

This is for when the happy mood strikes.Or just do this, the happy mood will come on its own.

quick nail art

So these were a few of the cute and easy ways to give your nails a makeover. Do try them out and let us know your nail art ideas too!

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