Ragasthan – A Three Day Festival In The Dunes Of Jaisalmer

If you’re a hippie by heart and were waiting for that right moment to start your endless journey, the mystic state of Rajasthan will beckon you sooner or later. And you can start your expedition by visiting Jaisalmer where the dunes are the only bumps of life, the moonlit sky is filled with starry dreams and the air smells of freedom. We bet you wouldn’t want to return.


To help you begin this voyage, Ragasthan, a three-day music festival that extends its arms to everything that is holistic and artistic, will let you make Jaisalmer your home from 16th November to 18th November, 2012. A cold winters night spent camping in the vast deserts of Kanoi dunes, adventure sports, film and art viewings from India and across the globe and of course music that will touch your soul is what is waiting for you at Ragasthan.


More on what you can expect at Ragasthan:


3 stages of music from across the world: Morio Main Stage, Ammara Electronic Stage, Olun World Stage that will have varied genres to suit your choice. Hear bands like Parikrama, Advaita and metal band Brahma playing a rare acoustic set at the rock stage; Mother Perera (Jahcoozi), Shiva Sound System at the electronic stage; Chalo Africa, Negra Pradera that is Latin Salsa Flamenco and local Rajasthan acts that will encapsulate the landscape, energy, colour and vibe of this festival.

Camp with your tents at the festival site: Spend three days in the middle of nowhere and we assure you, the outdoors will never let you down. Also enjoy some activities like paintball, zorbing, hot air balloon rides, RC cars and planes, kite surfing and kite flying while you’re there.

Ujalo, the film tent: Watch movies that will be screened till late in the night. Meet some talented film-makers in the country and discuss the art of film-making with them.

Comic book and graphic novel fans can wear their super-hero costumes, if they want.

Art and photography podiums: Photographers and illustrators can register with Ragasthan to reserve themselves uninterrupted access of all podium spaces across the festival, including backstage.

For your kids: You don’t have to leave your kids behind as there will be a small kids tent with siesta rooms as well as toys and activities.


How to get there


One can travel by road, flight or train depending on their budget. Internal travelling in Jaisalmer can be done economically by renting bikes or bicycles because exercise is a must, yes?


Why you should go


Ragasthan festival will be an amalgamation of varied cultures and people and a means to experience great art, music, heritage and share travelling experiences. And will definitely be a breath of fresh air that we all require in today’s day and age. A definite visit for explorers.


How to get tickets


Book My Show is selling passes online. Click here to book your pass.


Ragasthan will take place from 16th November to 18th November, 2012 and one can visit their website here or check their Facebook page by clicking here to know more.


- Sneha Mankani

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