Rainbows And Butterflies On Your Nails

What do Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and Rihanna have in common, apart from being music sensations, of course? No it’s not controversies, but something to do with the oh-so-fashionable world of beauty. Yes, it’s nail art! These ladies have made nail art so popular in the last couple of years that everyone, right from a pre-teenager to a bride’s mother at a wedding wants to get in on this trend. And why shouldn’t they? It is trendy, colourful and lets you wear your heart on your nail!
To help you become an expert in the technicalities of nail art, we tell you of a school, Nail Art Academy that promises to teach you the itsy-bitsies of nail art. Apart from a fully functioning nail salon, it is also a training institute for aspiring nail fashionistas. Right from a day course for hobbyists to a month long course for professionals that will help them hone their skills, these guys have it all. Also, when you join their course, you are sure to get nail art items and nail kits from them, along with models to practice and work upon.
Their lectures are held at Santacruz, Bandra and Mulund. You can visit the Nail Art Academy online here. You can also contact the man spearheading this nail art campaign personally by calling him on 9967554473 or by emailing him at prashanttssonavane@gmail.com.
Having trained under renowned veterans in this field such as Toni (Toni and Guy), Fernendo Romero (Bio-Iconic), Johi (OPI), Marlyn (Belissma International), you can rest assured that you will be trained under good hands.
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