Rainy Day Fashion Essentials

Brave the relentless downpours this season with your cool rainy day style. Bright flats, fun shorts, trendy waterproof bags and funky umbrellas are fashion must-haves to survive the monsoons in style. Make those stormy days more pleasant by looking good no matter what. With these fashionable monsoon essentials you’ll always be armed for unexpected cloud bursts.

Be a practical fashionista by wearing appropriate rain wear like colourful flats. They’ll look good and you wouldn’t mind if you’re forced to stomp through a puddle instead of ruining a good pair of shoes.

An umbrella is the most obvious accessory you will need to stay dry this season. Why not make it more interesting with an attention grabbing one to add to your style quotient. Choose patterns and colours to suit your personality.

Most of the times, our bags aren’t protected from heavy showers even under an umbrella. A waterproof bag is an absolute must to avoid ruining your possessions. Trendy transparent bags are so in vogue right now and are just in time for this season. They look great with anything and are so apt for the rains.

Shorts and dresses are a sensible choice during this wet weather, they make splashing around so much easier. You don’t risk spoiling your fave denims and don’t need to spend all day in damp pants if you get wet.

Rainy Day Style

Rainy Day Style


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