“After Ram Leela, I wanted to start afresh”- Anju Modi

More than glitz and glamour, fashion is art. It is an expression of oneself and veteran designer Anju Modi only makes us believe in it staunchly. Her designs are crafted with the best of Indian sensibilities yet with elements of contemporary comfort.

While we can’t wait to see her collection at Lakme Fashion Week on 15th March, here’s Anju Modi educating us about her collection, inspiration and her take on fashion.

This is your debut in Lakme Fashion Week? What inspired you to participate?

LFW SR 2014 Day 3 Fittings - Anju Modi

After Ram Leela, I wanted to start afresh, think afresh, renew design in my own way. It was almost like meditation and cleansing which gives a beautiful, heavenly feeling. I was on a flight to Kathmandu and as I looked out the window, I could see blue clouded sky. I felt like I am in another space altogether. Happy, ethereal, dreamy- almost like paradise. And that’s how I got inspired for my collection “Seeking Paradise”.

What type of silhouettes and colors have you used in your collection “Seeking Paradise”?

Since it is spring, I have kept the silhouettes and fabric light and easy. The color palette comes from the blue sky and ocean as well as an artist’s charcoal as he sets out to sketch a new work of art.

Is it an Indo-western collection?

People have started dressing differently with time, and evolution of culture. It’s not the era of “regular”. I have included pre-stitched sari, lehengas with cropped tops. My collection is indo-western but more than that I would call it modern.

What is your take on retro/vintage styles?
Fashion is a cycle. Whatever goes out of fashion, comes back in fashion. Be it Audrey Hepburn’s style or Nargis’s, it’s all coming back. Infact, our Indian craft and dressing comes from hundreds of years ago- just in a modern language. It keeps moving, orange was not in fashion but it’s coming back again.

How different or similar is it to design for movies from designing for fashion shows?
I have been doing fashion shows since many years. It’s a necessity of business. We create a collection, we express our design sensibilities. It’s not for glamour, not for one’s own fancy. It involves investing lakhs of rupees and hardwork. Similarly, costume making for a film is a necessary exercise but the difference here is people watch it on the big screen, not on the ramp.

Do you believe in having a celebrity show stopper?

Anju Modi for LFW Summer-Resort 2014 - 1
For me, show stoppers are only for media. If there is a celebrity show stopper, the media gives more coverage which gets designers the returns of the hard work in putting together a show. Otherwise, for me it’s all about a story and who fit the best in it. It need not be a celebrity.

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