Read Here If You Want Not Just Desserts

Not Just Desserts By Sabina is a family-run confectionery which has time tested recipes that have been passed down through the generations.

Desserts for every occasion, and the times that you don’t need an occasion, they offer a huge range which features brownies, gateaux, chocolate cakes, mousse cakes, cheese cakes, tea time cakes, cupcakes, cookies, tartlets, tiramisu, macaroons, gourmet chocolates and more. Their cakes are priced at Rs. 250 upwards, cupcakes prices start from Rs. 30, macaroons are Rs. 50 each and brownies are Rs. 40 a piece.

Their services also venture into customised desserts, in case you have special preferences. They can even offer you options of eggless, vegan, allergy based, sugar free, low calorie etc depending on your need. And for an additional charge depending on the location, they will even deliver right to your doorstep. They do not have seating arrangements since they are a take-away store.

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