Really Awesome Baby Shower Games

There’s no sweeter activity than planning a baby shower. It gives you that wonderful warm and fuzzy feeling that there will soon be a cute little addition to your life. But don’t be fooled, for planning a baby shower is no child’s play. It’s not your regular wild party, you want the theme to be baby yet you don’t want people to get bored, and all the same you want it to be a huge hit. Well I normally run to my usual formula for success in any given social situation: keep people busy. It’s really that simple, give them fun things to do and watch how they start to mingle, almost like a bunch of excited babies. Here we present to you awesome baby shower special games that are tried and tested (true story) and oodles of fun:

1.  Name The Baby Product

Baby Shower Game

Do You Know All Your Baby Products?

What you need:

Print outs of baby product images from Google: a baby thermometer, a breast pump, a stroller, a car seat, etc.

Empty sheets of paper and pens to hand out to your guests.

How You Play: Hold up a print out and tell your guests to write down the answers. Once you finish showing them all the images. Ask them to read out their answers.

Hilarity ensues as mostly clueless people guess some really funny things as they have never seen those images before. It’s a really simple and fun game that everyone can partake in, including mommy and daddy to be.

2. How Big Is The Baby Bump?

What You Need:

You get this special measuring tape at any store that stocks baby shower products. You can use that or even just a roll of ribbon.

A pair of scissors.

Baby Shower Game

Tummy Tales

How You Play:

All you need to do is guess the size of mommy’s tummy. Cut the tape such that when the mommy to be holds it around herself, it should be just right. The one who gets it closest to the actual size wins.

This game is so much fun! Everyone keeps staring at the bump as they try to get the measurement right. What’s really funny is that people put it around their own tummys to get an idea. Most participants are completely off the mark and mommy to be has every right to be completely offended.

Caution: The mommy better be a cool cat who doesn’t take offense to any way-off-the-mark measurements.

3. Baby Name Suggestions

Ask each guest to suggest a name for the baby and to give a reason why. This game can be played orally or written down. Most Indian parents don’t have names picked out till the very last minute. Either because the sex of the baby is unknown or they are waiting for the baby to be born so that an auspicious letter is picked out. This game is a nice way to include all the friends and family who are part of your baby shower, take their suggestions and have fun with it. Make sure the most creative answer wins. It’s a sweet game that involves the youngest to the oldest member present at the baby shower and some adorable responses come out of it. If possible, keep the sheets that your guests write on to show the baby some day.


Name Game

It Will Be Funny When You Look Back

4. Pop Quiz

One of the most fun games at a baby shower. Let your imagination run wild with this quiz. Some ideas below.

- Include fill in the blanks: Mary had a little lamb whose ________ was white as snow.
- Ask someone to recite a whole nursery rhyme.
- Have a music round, wherein guests have to recognize the rhyme on hearing the tune.
- This quiz can also include personal questions on the mom and dad’s childhood.

A really fun game, this one can be played individually or in teams, orally or by writing down answers.

Make sure someone spirited and spontaneous is conducting this quiz for this could be the highlight of the baby shower.

Future Baby Tutor

Who Will Ace This Quiz?


5. List how many ever baby related things you can

What you need:

Empty sheets of paper and pens to hand out to your guests.

Hourglass or Stopwatch.

How You Play: Set the timer to one minute and ask your guests to name as many baby related products as they can. You will be surprised who wins this game because it’s not usually the experienced mom’s as one would expect. It’s just who has been paying attention at the baby shower and who has quick presence of mind. Watch out for cheaters who repeat words to make their list seem longer.

To reward the winner of this game, you can give them a ‘Our Chosen Babysitter’ trophy or badge. This is usually a big hit and opens up a lot of conversation, in our experience ;)

Baby Shower

Look Who Became Default Babysitter

Have more games to add or baby shower tips to share? Please feel free to leave comments or tweet to us at @get_inonit and @SmritiNotani.

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