Reasons I Love Being Single

Valentine’s day is coming up, and some of you have already started planning for your special day. Some of us, however, have not. Because our Prince Charming has gotten lost somewhere. He’s on his way, I’m sure. Till then, we have so many reasons to love being single, and in case you’re getting affected by the V-day fever, I’m going to remind you why it’s awesome.

1. You don’t have to send anyone a text as soon as you wake up.

being single texting

2. Nobody to question you because they have a problem with those hotties in your display picture. You probably don’t have an answer to who exactly they are. But it was definitely a fun party.

being single

3. You actually have time to meet your friends as much as you like. And you know it’s the best fun you’ll ever have, because y’all are as crazy as it gets.

being single

4. Nobody can complain about number of guy friends you have. Because you’re one of the guys, but a boyfriend probably wouldn’t get that.


5. You don’t have to do cheesy things if you don’t like it. However, you might have to hear random men say stuff like this. The good part is you can ignore them. Can’t ignore a significant other.

being single

6. You save money from not going to fancy date places and buying him gifts. You know what that means? New shoes.


D’orsay Tri-color Pumps: Rs. 2000

7. You won’t have to listen to very vocal and passionate opinions about cricket/football/any other sport you have zero interest in.

being single

8. In the same way, nobody will judge you for reacting to things the way men react to sports. Like a flat 50% off sale.

being single

9. You can fall in love with boys in books, tv shows and movies. You wouldn’t be single if Mr. Darcy existed, right? Or Patrick Jane.


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