Are You Over-Hydrating Yourself? 8 Reasons Why You Should NOT Drink Water

If you’re read even a single fitness or beauty magazine in your life, you’d know that drinking water is a prerequisite for a good body and skin. And while that is true, it is possible that you’re overdoing it and actually causing more harm than good to your body. Here are eight reasons why you should drink water in moderation.

Reasons You Should NOT Drink Water 1. You’re Not Listening To Your Body
Experts suggest eight to 10 glasses of water a day for the average person. But your body might need more or less water than that. The truth is your body will give you signals when it needs water. When you are mildly thirsty, it is time to gulp down a glass. And when you are almost parched, it means your body is dehydrated. So listen and drink as much as needed at that time.

2. You Might Be Getting Water In Your Food
While drinking water regularly is a great source of hydration, you might not really need all of that since you are getting a part of it for basic body functions from food. Salads and fruits give enough water to your body. So you might not need to force down that extra glass of water every night.

3. You Might Be Skipping Healthy Drinks
In the obsession of consuming eight to 10 glasses of water, you might be too full to have healthy juices and other drinks that give essential nutrients along with hydration.

4. Are Your Electrolytes Balanced?
Do you know that when hospitals give IV fluids to a patient, it’s not just plain water? It’s e a solution that is balanced with electrolytes. This means that when you over drink, the salts and other minerals in your body may be washed out. So be careful.

5. Over-Hydration: NO!
Dehydration can lead to serious beauty and health problems. But you know what’s worse? Over-hydration; because it’s usually not noticed and causes equal harm. Frequent headaches, cold hands and feet, muscle spasms, less clarity in the brain and insomnia are a few of the many damages caused by over drinking water.

6. Your Digestion Slows Down
You know how your mom asked you to avoid drinking water before and during a meal. This is because it kills the beneficial acids in your stomach, ruining your hunger and food schedule. This in turn disrupts your digestion and can cause acidity or constipation.

7. Your Sugar Levels Will Drop
Just like balancing the electrolytes, your body needs certain amounts of sugar, too. While excess sugar is not good, you can feel dizzy and even weak when sugar levels drop. Excessive water can flush out your sugar, draining you of energy.

8. You’ll Put On Weight
And finally, the worst side effect of all—putting on weight! Water helps in regulating your metabolism, but too much of it can flood your system and the energy production is slow, which leads to less burning of fat. You really don’t want that!

Listen to your body and balance your water drinking schedule. Don’t go overboard or dehydrate.

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