Reasons You’ll Love Loafers

You think they are too manly? Think again! You think they were hot only in Spring? They are still very much part of winter trends and many more seasons to come. So, let’s put your apprehensions behind so that you work it in these comfortable (and totally cool) shoes  for women. We tell you why.

First of all, let’s bust the myth “Loafers are for men”
True, they originate from men’s style, but aren’t we wearing boyfriend jackets, oversized shirts, jeans and so on. Then why not give this a try too? We found these stylish loafers that can be worn from your afternoon lunches to late dinners.

Get it from Done By None

Get it from Done By None

Now that we’ve gotten you more interested, let us show you our best finds that will make you crave a loaf(er) or two!

If you want to brighten up your daily style, these bright pink loafers can do just that. It’s a stylish, eye catching color, and oh-so-comfortable.

By Carlton London

Pink Loafers by Carlton London

If you are a working professional and just don’t want to run around the office corridors in heels, then here is an option that gives you everything you need. We found these sleek Clarks loafers which will up your style quotient while keeping you comfortable through your work day.

Buy from Clarks

Clarks Cream and Brown Loafers

Need something chic and comfortable for a rock concert,  dinner or anything that requires you to be dressed up but on your feet for long hours? Look at what we found. A perfect studded pair of loafers from Steve Madden (drool worthy!). And here are some more reasons why you should make “comfort first” your mantra.

From Steve Madden

From Steve Madden

Now, have we been successful in eradicating any confusion or myths you may have believed in about sporting loafers? We hope you will go ahead and loaf it up!

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