Recycled Retro Home Accents That Are Super Cool

This one’s definitely for those of you who are in search of unique pieces and stories. We stumbled upon the home accents collection at, and now are desperately looking for space in our homes and offices to fit these in, and trust us, it’s not easy. But oh! It’s so much fun. Here are some of the things we loved!

1. Blue Hi-Beam Scooter Light Lamp
If you own or have owned a scooter / vespa, this home decor piece is for you. A hand-crafted Hi-Beam Scooter Lamp made using a real scooter.
Price:Rs. 8,500


2. Yellow Motorcycle Bar Stool
This handcrafted bar stool is made using a real cycle saddle seat with a bright finishing coat of paint added to it. So much fun and colour. After all, nice people ride bicycles.
Price: Rs. 7,500


3. Latch Paper Weight
A paper weight handcrafted using an upcycled door latch makes for an interesting paper napkins, paper holder. Shall we lock this down then?
Price: Rs. 1,200
Available in: Red and Blue

Blue Latch Paper Weight at Jaypore

4. Kettle Light Table Lamp
Tea-lovers delight! A handcrafted Kettle Light table lamp is made using an upcycled kettle, finished with a fresh coat of paint for an awesome retro look.
Price: Rs. 3400
Available in: Orange, Silver and Blue



5. Record Keeper Diary
This one is for those that love music. A diary made from real gramophone record disks, upcycled and integrated with recycled paper.
Price: Rs. 600



Hope you loved these as much as we did!
Now we’ll go back to scouting fun products that will delight you. If you find something you would like to share, do tell us in comments below.

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