ReDough Your Way To Guilt-free Desserts

Let’s go back in time where processed food didn’t exist and natural ingredients satisfied sweet cravings. Healthy living was the way to go, as it was the only choice. And if you equate healthy diet to boring, bland food, you might want to reconsider after reading about ReDough. We’re talking about sinful melt-in-your-mouth Belgian chocolate desserts with fresh raspberries on top sans the calories! Now you really want to read further, don’t you? This brand turns back the clock and packs some wisdom of times into their sweet treats. Inspired by the Paleolithic era, ReDough desserts are made out of the most natural, raw, organic and gluten-free ingredients. 
Abha Sharma who came up with this concept wanted to focus on providing delicious healthy desserts to fitness enthusiasts without having to compromise on their diet regime. Sourcing ingredients like dark Belgian chocolate, raw forest honey from Kashmir organic fruits and premium quality dry fruits like walnuts, pistachios and Medjool dates, ReDough focuses on only desserts and dessert jars. 
Choose from different types of brownies such as espresso brownies, dark chocolate and all time favorites hazelnut and walnut brownies, molten chocolate cakes, passion fruit mousse, crumble jars, fresh raspberry and strawberry chocolate ganache jars and more. 
They also customize gift hampers as per customer’s budget and provide home delivery as well. 
Their desserts start from Rs. 50 and the dessert jars start from Rs. 675. 
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