Are You A Doctor, Painter Or Lawyer? Jazz Up Your Workplace According To Your Profession

We know you feel the Monday morning blues all the way till Friday evening when you leave work. And though we can’t make the weekend longer (we wish!), we can help you brighten up your workspace and make it your own.

We found some amazing office décor items on and picked a few out for you. And just to make things really easy for you (and because we’re extra-nice), we’ve sorted them out according to your profession.

1. Writer: Journalist and Copy Writer
Filing stories, thinking creatively or finding a twist to product description writing—we know your job needs you to be constantly typing on the laptop. But looking at the boring wall in front of you isn’t going to help. Get a few fun quotes on posters for the wall and/or some quirky iPad covers with typography.

office decor - writer

Buy here: iPad Cover, Poster, Laptop Skin

2. Media: Graphic Designer, Public Relations and Events
From creating stunning visuals to media planning and never-ending coordination with people, we know you’re probably stressed. Why not get these interesting pieces of art to inspire you on your time out?

office decor - media

 Buy here: Framed Poster Joker, Framed Poster Iron Man, Framed Poster Sherlock

3. Management: Marketing and HR
Handling employees, clients, bosses and selling your product is not exactly a cakewalk. Get going every morning with your coffee and these cool quotes on your mug and on the office desk.

office decor - management

Buy here: Framed Poster Nerd, Mug, Poster America

4. Finance: CA and Accountants
Take a break from all those numbers and get a fun take on currency with these interesting prints. Keep them handy as a desk frame or get a cool laptop skin to make your workspace more lively.

office decor - finance

Buy here: Mathematics Sticker, Frame Money, Framed Poster Vision

5. Lawyer
Planning, pre-planning, future planning and, of course, tons of drafting—turn your yawn moments at the desk into fun ones by adding these cool lawyer-esque quotes and pictures. Get it on your phone, mugs, keychains and other spaces, too.

office decor - lawyer

Buy here: Poster Falooda, Poster Glass, Poster Hindi

6. Fashion: Designer, Stylist and Fashion Co-ordinator
Impeccably dressed and always gorgeous, we know you love your clothes, shoes and bag. If it’s on the runway, why not bring it to your office as well? Extend your fashion sense to your workplace and dress up your desk with these fun and vibrant prints.

office decor - fashion

Buy here: Phone Cover, Poster Parle G, Laptop Skin

7. Science and Tech: IT Professional, Doctor, Engineer and Physicist
If you’re someone who gets almost all of Sheldon Cooper’s jokes, you’re sure to love these cool posters for your workspace. Whether a clinic or a tiny cubicle, get these now.

office decor - science

Buy here: Poster Coffee, Phone Cover, Poster Einstein

8. Artist: Musicians, Painters and Dancers
Your job sounds really interesting, but we know you have a lot to do on a daily basis. You love what you do, but a little motivation never harmed anyone. Besides, these cool prints will also look gorgeous on the studio wall.

office decor - artists

Buy here: Mug, Calendar, Laptop Skin

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Do share your creative office décor images with us. Drop us a line in the comments section.

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