Relax, RnB Will Cater to Your Every Need on Wheels

GET: To your destination

IN: luxury, comfort and style

ON: now onwards

IT: offers airport drop offs, day hires, night outs and more. They also have a special Flight on Wheels for family outings and Elite Fleet for extra luxury.

Below are their range of services

Charter their four-wheeler to get you on that plane on time.

RnB’s 16-hour work day includes driving you around in slots of 4 or 8 hours, wherever you require, within the city limits. From 6am to 8pm they will provide you the set of wheels for your convenience.

This service is for those young at heart and always up for a good party. Use these  services on your night out when you are simply too exhausted to drive back or in case the effects of partying haven’t quite worn out.

Get out of the city and take off as and when you fancy a break. The chauffeur driven car will make your long journeys comfortable.

Here they introduce , a fleet of cars for hire, whose very name is synonymous with Luxury – The BMW 5 Series. The twist, though, is that they bring you luxury at honest-to-God prices that will make you bat an eyelash at their sheer affordability.

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