Rent A Book at Librarywala

Piles of books, endless shelves of literary fiction, biographies, young fiction, sci-fi books and thrillers just so that your stack of poppy is not exhausted. If your old library shut down, browse through this virtual one and get your favourite books delivered home.
Librarywala works on a rent-read-return basis and has over 23,000 titles for users to look through. With an overwhelming number of books on offer, you don’t have to go on a hunting spree to get your hands on your desired book. Type in the name in the Advance Search option and the books pop up. Get titles under biographies, fiction, nonfiction, health, business, film, children, self-help, sports, religion, history and even in regional languages like Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi. With free pickups and delivery, no late charges and with plans starting at just Rs. 79 per month where you can rent up to 12 books, this seems to be a better deal than the local library. Don’t spot your favourite Haruki Murakami book? Place a request and they will get it for you.
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