Trendy Patriotic Accessories for Republic Day

Republic Day is just around the corner, and parade practice has started all over. It’s a day of national importance, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be fashionably patriotic. Here are some trendy accessories we liked that capture the spirit of the day. And some that follow the colour pattern of our national flag. Dress up the R-day way!

1. A Patriotic Statement Necklace

Well, this isn’t orange, white and green. It’s orange, white and coral. But it’s close enough; and in any case, we’ve always been able to convince ourselves for something new to buy. And this is for the nation..right?

republic day accessories statement neckpiece

So Exotic Statement Neckpiece: Rs. 1,499

2. Trendy Tricolour Shoes

These are truly orange, white and green; as well as comfortable and pretty. We don’t think ballerinas are ever going to go out of style, so why not make these a national holiday staple?

republic day accessories ballerina shoes

Orange Ballerina: Rs. 999

3. Our Favorite Line

This is a line that’s pretty much embedded on our minds and our lips, and it definitely captures the Indian attitude. We love how the colours have been used here – and orange and green shows up again!

republic day accesories ballerina shoes

Dekho Magar Pyaar Se ballerina: Rs. 1,599

4. The Indian Twist

Here is a great example of Indian-ification. We’ve made even the Mona Lisa our own, with a bindi, saree, and enough gold to make those nosy aunties happy if they saw her in person.

republic day accessories bags

The Indian Mona Lisa Sling Bag: Rs. 2,100

5. A Celebrated City

This messenger bag is quirky and practical, just like the city it portrays. Mumbai is one of India’s most loved and celebrated cities, and this bag is a wonderful addition to your daily travels. It shows not just the spirit of the city, but also the spirit of our country.

republic day accessories mumbai bagTEC Mumbai Map Messenger Bag: Rs. 975

This is how we prepare for our National Holidays! What are your plans?

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