Restaurant Review of Shvatra at R City Mall: Get Set To Dive Into Paneer

You are sure to feel at home when you enter the doors of Shvatra, a north Indian speciality restaurant that comes all the way from the kitchen of Radhomal Bhagat Tarachand.  Not that the restaurant doesn’t serve any other cuisine. It serves a variety of veg dishes both, Indian and Chinese. From all the dishes I tried out at Shvatra, the Paneer Brunt Chilly left me asking for more. It was that delicious! Apart from the Paneer, we ordered for Stuffed Aaloo Tandoori that was a little kaccha, and Papad Churi that this kitchen is famous for.

Our main course comprised Lasoon Paneer Methi, Masala Kichia Papad, Shikaari Puri, Makhai Roti, Butter Nan, Dal Double Tadka and Steamed Rice. Too many dishes on the platter, isn’t it? However, the Dal was extremely delicious. The rest was obviously savoury as the restaurant name suggests.

Now it was time for some dessert. Believe me, none of us had any place in our stomach for anything more, but when the Gulaab Jamun and Jelebi reached our table, our mouths just couldn’t stop watering.

If you’re looking at going out to a place where you can eat delectable food, and have a lot of fun at the same time, you should consider a mealtime at Shvatra. You can laugh your heart out at the jokes of your friends or admire the wall hangings.

One more thing that you should definitely not miss is the “Kutchi Beer”. This is Chaas that’s served in a beer bottle! Yes. A beer bottle! And unlike other restaurants, this chaas had a tinge of ginger, which just added to the flavor.

Apart from comfort, the service makes the experience all the more comfy. Everyone is attended with a smile. More often, the attender even strikes a conversation with the guests to know how they’ve liked the food.

If you’re looking for authentic north Indian food in desi ghee, and fresh food, Shvatra is where you need to head out to.

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A meal for 2 at Shvatra will come up to Rs. 600/-

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