Review: 5 All Day- A Quiet Restaurant On A Busy Street

Going by its exterior, 5 All Day is a small restaurant hidden off the main street of Colaba Causeway with the promise of possibly being a grand eating outlet. And it does seem to live up to the promise from the moment the door opens and you step in.

This ‘small’ restaurant is not small at all. With a decent floor space that houses tables for dining, couches for a lounge meal and a bar for a pub-like atmosphere, this eatery has it all to fit into your preference. Add to that the dim lighting, which you can have the attendants adjust to suit your eyes, and the soft humming of energetic music over their speakers, and you have a comfortable environment to enjoy a meal while sipping cocktails and having a conversation with friends.

A look at the menu will tell you that this multi-cuisine restaurant serves an interesting blend of favourite drinks and dishes alongside their own concoctions. To begin with drinks, the Whisky Crusta, a whisky based drink served with tomato and sour herb flavours, had a delicious flavour and an unusual take on a whisky cocktail, while the Pomegranate Martini was a nice twist with sweet and bitter flavours to savour. The Watermelon Sangria was a different experience of rose wine mixed with watermelon, apple and cranberry juices; a strong flavoured drink which goes down smooth. The Miami Green mocktail was a pineapple based drink with vanilla ice cream and blue Curacao syrup which would be a favourite for those who enjoy sweet flavoured drinks.

The food is well tended to in the kitchen, which is evident as soon as a plate arrives at your table. The presentation of the food is top notch and the same goes for the taste as well. For starters, theKasundi Prawns, a Bengali style dish, consists of very well cooked prawns, with a rich flavouring of herbs. The prawns were fresh, tender and extremely delicious. Next in line was the Cheddar Stuffed Mushrooms, soft and delicate button mushrooms which were mildly cooked and stuffed with the rich taste of cheese and bell peppers.

The main course is a rich affair at 5 All Day with plenty of options to have you spoilt for choice. If you haven’t used the assistance of the attendant as yet, now would be a good time to ask for recommendations. The service is superb and there is always someone over your shoulder, eager to help, just waiting for you to nod to them. 5 All Day is known for its smoked dishes, and they would always recommend you try it, especially if you are a fan of smoked foods. The Green Pepper Corn & Cumin Rubbed Hickory Smoked Chicken with Beetroot Spaghetti was a very intricate dish. The presentation of two pieces of well grilled chicken sitting atop a stage of pasta in a plate coated by sauces is indeed a tempting sight. The rich flavours of pepper and sauces almost overpower the dish but for the lingering smoked flavours, which are amusing on the palate. The chicken is well cooked and easy to cut into and chew. The pasta has a nice taste of beetroot and is chewy, but it goes well with the chicken. The smoked flavours are delicious, and if dish is a benchmark to go by, the rest of their signature smoked dishes should also be worth giving a go.

To finish the meal, the desserts menu has some unique choices which are hard to find elsewhere. The B-52was hailed on recommendation and lived up to praise. The mix of white and dark chocolate mousse was smooth and had hints of strawberry. The Crème Brulee had a light crust of glazed sugar which cracked easily with the touch of a spoon. The smooth sweet dish was brilliant in both mango and coffee flavours.

A good meal for two at 5 All Day would amount to about Rs. 2,500.

A night spent at 5 All Day would give you a chance to enjoy good food and drinks in a comfortable atmosphere, a place to chill out with your friends, and forget about the hectic life you are living, in spite of the fact that you are huddled up in one of the busiest corners of the city. That’s the beauty of 5 All Day.

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